The SolarSPELL team held another Build Day event at the ASU Polytechnic Campus on November 3rd, 2018. Forty-two volunteers, including ASU students, faculty, staff, friends, family, and alumni worked tirelessly to help assemble SolarSPELLs.  The team learned a lot from past Build Days and worked to ensure that this was the smoothest Build Day yet!

After introducing the members of our team, Dr. Laura Hosman gave the volunteers the background and overview of the history of the SolarSPELL digital library. While the volunteers listened, the team members worked to set up the assembly line in the room next door.

The SolarSPELL Team had a lot of fun seeing all of our planning come together! The team dispersed throughout the stations, assisting with individual processes and helping to prevent bottlenecks.

Once the volunteers were introduced to the assembly line of build day, they were given the chance to choose their station. Though all of our amazing volunteers were working hard to build SolarSPELLS, there were plenty of chances to laugh and make friends along the way!

Once the building process was finished, all that was left was to prepare the tablets that will be used to connect to the digital library!

The day ended with 73 completed SolarSPELLs: 35 brand new libraries, and 38 refurbished libraries with updated components. These digital libraries will make their way to Fiji, South Sudan, and potentially many other locations, where Peace Corps Volunteers and local teachers will use them to improve educational opportunities around the world.

Special thanks to Julia Schroder for taking video, to photographer Tyrine Pangan for taking these beautiful photos, and to Dante Roush for writing this post.