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After implementing SolarSPELL digital libraries in-the-field, the SolarSPELL initiative team returns to field sites to conduct impact monitoring and evaluation. Through tools such as usage tracking software, surveys, and interviews, we gather feedback from library users and in-field partners.

What we learn informs data-driven change and facilitates on-going improvements to the libraries, hardware, software, training workshops, and implementations. The data and stories collected are reported to our in-field partners and ultimately compiled into an Annual Impact Report, providing an account of milestones and impact throughout the year. We are excited to share how our initiative is engaging teachers and learners, across the globe, with this innovative tool and training.

Annual Impact Report - 2020

Read our Annual Impact Report to discover SolarSPELL's impact on communities around the world.

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The SolarSPELL initiative provides a wealth of educational content to classrooms, learners, and teachers in locations that may otherwise have limited or outdated resources. We are increasing both the quality and accessibility of educational resources available to inspire the next generation of leaders!


SolarSPELL digital libraries provide critical and reliable resources on health care and safety. These resources are meaningfully used by Peace Corps Volunteers serving in health care clinics, and are made available to reach the broader local community. In addition, we are creating digital nursing libraries to serve emerging healthcare professionals in East Africa.

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