Rwanda Agriculture Library

The Rwanda Agriculture Library builds on our general Agriculture Collection, offering localized agricultural resources for agricultural extension workers, farmers and graduate level agricultural professionals living and working in Rwanda . As a regional library, its resources include technical manuals and articles from the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board and the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources , as well as videos and guides in Kinyarwanda.

All of the resources in this library are focused on training for rural farmers and used by professionals working directly in the agricultural industry, such as agricultural extension workers. This library also focuses on Conservation Agriculture, as well as coffee farming and production and features crop and livestock information in Kinyarwanda. Our primary partner for the Rwanda Agriculture Library is Bridge2Rwanda (B2R) Farms . Together with B2R Farms, we added Kinyarwanda training videos to the library that teach the principles of Conservation Agriculture. We also worked together to train a number of B2R Farms interns how to use the library and train other extension workers and farmers how to access resources on the library.

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