Climate change threatens the livelihoods of the 60% of the world's population that relies on farming to survive; in order to adapt, they need the latest information on climate-smart and Conservation Agriculture techniques. The SolarSPELL Agriculture Library Collection serves the extension agents who support rural farmers, providing localized farming information aimed at increasing food security and agricultural productivity.

What's in our Agriculture Collection?

The SolarSPELL Agriculture Library Collection offers educational resources for adults working in the agriculture industry — particularly rural farmers, agricultural extension workers and agricultural students at the university level. This particular collection serves a wide variety of adult audiences and covers general agricultural topics relevant to a global, non-U.S. audience. Some topics included in the general agricultural library include Conservation Agriculture; information on various crops, pests and diseases; coffee farming; livestock care and management; and rural income generation practices. This library collection provides training materials for agricultural extension workers to help teach farmers, basic practical guides and videos for rural farmers; and research articles and technical manuals for extension workers and agriculture university students.

General topics

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Agriculture extension agents and farmers can also access a series of interactive learning modules to further advance their skills. By using Kiwix software to make online content available offline, we’re able to provide multimedia educational content from our partners at Infonet Biovision, e-Hinga and Foundations for Farming that looks and feels like being online.

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Agriculture libraries

Rwanda Agriculture Library

Rwanda Agriculture Library


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The SolarSENSE project brings big data insights to smallholder farmers to provide them with real-time soil health data quickly, simply, and cost effectively. SolarSENSE harnesses data from both satellite imaging and from off-grid soil sensors to capture crucial information relevant to local agricultural production. The SolarSENSE approach uses a solar powered data collection hub to capture in-field sensor data, processes it, and present results to a farmer on a smartphone, with links to actionable (localized) content in an offline agricultural digital library–which is housed in the same data collection hub that processes the in-field data (the SolarSPELL agricultural library).

By providing real-time data from solar powered soil sensors within the farmer’s field and pairing it with SolarSPELL’s offline digital Agriculture Library Collection, farmers will have access to relevant information regarding climate-smart agricultural interventions. This information can be contextually applied to increase crop yield, reduce farmer vulnerability, and mitigate climate impacts.

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