Agriculture Sector

Our team first launched the SolarSPELL Agriculture Library in Zimbabwe with Foundations for Farming. We led a train-the-trainer workshop for thirteen of their Harare-based training staff in March 2023. This training also included a new session on information literacy for agriculture, during which participants got to practice using the library to try to answer a question they anticipated receiving in the field.

Total number of SolarSPELL libraries deployed
Total number of people trained

Working With

  • Foundations for Farming


  • March 2023

Photos from the Field


“This tool will go a long way in improving agriculture and equipping farmers with the right information.”

Survey respondentFoundations for Farming

“It helps to equip farmers with knowledge. It helps you as a trainer be more confident when you are teaching. And it helps farmers learn together.”

Survey respondentFoundations for Farming

“It was great to use the tool & discuss what may be missing. The interactive and reciprocal approach is effective.”

Survey respondentFoundations for Farming


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