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The Malawi Health Library was created for university students, faculty and librarians at the the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) in Malawi. In addition to providing resources from our general Health Collection, the Malawi Health Library includes Malawi-specific resources relevant to KUHeS students and health professionals in Malawi. Some examples of these resources include census reports and data tables for Malawi, Malawi-specific COVID-19 impact monitoring, Malawi government documents, and strategic health plans and guidelines specific to Malawi.

Implemented in partnership with Peace Corps Malawi’s Advancing Health Professionals program, the Malawi Health Library is currently being used by KUHeS students, who bring the offline digital libraries to remote clinics and hospitals where internet connectivity is expensive or simply unavailable. Students are assigned to these remote clinics and hospitals for 6–14 weeks to carry out their in-field clinical practice rotations. Until now, students assigned to these remote locations found it tremendously difficult to keep up with their homework and ongoing assignments, given the lack of connectivity. The possibility of carrying an entire health library with them when traveling to these rural sites was truly an exciting prospect for the students and educators alike.

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