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We led our first train-the-trainer with Peace Corps Lesotho in January 2023 with ten Education Volunteers and their local teacher counterparts. Each pair learned how to get the most from the SolarSPELL library and how train their co-workers on it as well. After the training, every participant reported feeling at least somewhat confident using the library to help others improve their information literacy. Our team is looking forward to collecting follow-up data this summer.

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  • Peace Corps Lesotho


  • January 2023

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“It has everything or almost everything I have been searching for as a teacher.”

Survey respondent

“Teachers at my school are very much looking forward to using the digital library, and I’ve heard from other volunteers that teachers at their schools are very excited too. We are all so grateful to have the opportunity to use these resources, and I can’t wait to see the positive impact it has for our students.”

Kenna HeroyEducation Volunteer, Peace Corps Lesotho


SolarSPELL co-director Dr. Laura Hosman presents the new digital SolarSPELL Training Course at a Peace Corps SolarSPELL workshop in Lesotho.Arizona State UniversityBlogEducationLesothoOffline Training CourseOpen Educational ResourcesPeace CorpsSolar Digital LibrarySolarSPELL Training CourseSouthern AfricaStudentsTeacher TrainingTraining
September 12, 2023

New digital SolarSPELL training course debuts in Lesotho

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Participants pose with their SolarSPELLL devices for a group photo at the Peace Corps Lesotho teacher training.Arizona State UniversityBlogEventsLesothoPeace CorpsSolar Digital LibrarySouthern AfricaTeacher TrainingTraining
January 31, 2023

Peace Corps Lesotho Teacher Training: PCV Kenna’s Experience

With Peace Corps Volunteers returning to the field, our team is delighted…