By increasing access to digital educational content and preparing teachers with the tools to show students how to find, evaluate and use information, we can improve the quality of education for children around the world and help them develop the skills necessary to make empowering use of the internet.

What's in our Education Collection?

This general Education Collection features an Arabic-language user interface and is searchable in Arabic, Syriac and Kurdish. The collection covers general educational topics in Arabic, Syriac and Kurdish for kindergarten through 12th grade audiences. The resources curated for this collection are meant for a global school audience and serve students, teachers and librarians — particularly in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The Arabic-language educational collection combines with a regional collection to form the North and East Syria Library. It also features content in our cross-cutting themes — Information Literacy and Digital Literacy, Sustainability and Climate Change, and Gender Equity and Inclusion.

General topics

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Featured learning modules

Teachers and students can also access a series of interactive learning modules to further advance their skills. By using Kiwix software to make online content available offline, we’re able to provide multimedia educational content from our partners at Khan Academy, Voice of America, Wikipedia and the University of Colorado that looks and feels like being online.

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Education libraries in Arabic

North and East Syria Education Library

North and East Syria Education Library


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