During SolarSPELL’s first implementation trip in Comoros, the team had the incredible opportunity to visit Peace Corps Volunteer Carrie Ann’s village.

Amongst numerous other meaningful contributions to the community she serves, Carrie Ann orchestrated the grand opening of her village’s very first library! The SolarSPELL team was fortunate to participate in the ceremonies surrounding the library’s opening, and to witness the electrifying excitement of the community.

In addition to creating a physical space for cultivating a reading and learning environment, Carrie Ann also applied for and received donated laptops, which equipped one room of the library with technology for digital learning. These laptops will be used in conjunction with the SolarSPELL digital library, and have created increased opportunity for multiple learners to access the SolarSPELL while pursuing independent studies. The beautiful new library also features inspirational quotes from world leaders, artwork of books, and a labeled map of Africa that can be used to learn regional geography.

Following a ceremony that included speeches, song, dance, and shared enthusiasm for the benefits a library will offer, the SolarSPELL team led a community training session on SolarSPELL use with the laptops. Community members were able to connect to the SolarSPELL digital library using both the laptops and any available smartphones, and quickly began to explore the available content. The SolarSPELL team was delighted to see learners of all ages interacting with content on the SolarSPELL and to see their excitement to share the resources with those around them. Within minutes, it was evident how the SolarSPELL digital library will be used to support individuals in reaching their learning goals.

The SolarSPELL team shares Carrie Ann’s commitment to empowering generations of learners, and were inspired by the hard work she demonstrated to create this community learning space. This site visit further exemplified the multiplier effect that SolarSPELL and Peace Corps volunteers can achieve when collaborating together!