Climate change threatens the livelihoods of the 60% of the world's population that relies on farming to survive; they need the latest information in order to adapt. The SolarSPELL Agriculture Library serves the agricultural extension agents who support rural farmers, providing localized farming information aimed at increasing food security and agricultural productivity.

What's in our Agriculture Library?

Agriculture is the primary means of survival for farmers in developing nations, and they are particularly vulnerable to the effects of drought, pests and crop failures. To support the needs of these farmers, the SolarSPELL Agriculture Library provides a wealth of resources, including guidance on water usage, options for managing soil fertility, and information on topics such as animal & human health, environmental sustainability, coffee & maize production, and strategies for generating income in rural areas.

General topics

Learning modules

Agriculture extension agents and farmers can also access a series of learning modules to further advance their skills, including FAO elearning Academy courses, Infonet Biovision’s offline web interface full of up-to-date agricultural information, and e-Hinga’s database of East African crop profiles in both English and Kinyarwanda. Our Foundations for Farming (FfF) module contains interactive lessons on FfF’s Conservation Agriculture curriculum.

Related projects


The SolarSENSE project brings big data insights to smallholder farmers to provide them with real-time soil health data quickly, simply, and cost effectively. SolarSENSE harnesses data from both satellite imaging and from off-grid soil sensors to capture crucial information relevant to local agricultural production. The SolarSENSE approach uses a solar powered data collection hub to capture in-field sensor data, processes it, and present results to a farmer on a smartphone, with links to actionable (localized) content in an offline agricultural digital library–which is housed in the same data collection hub that processes the in-field data (the SolarSPELL agricultural library).

By providing real-time data from solar powered soil sensors within the farmer’s field and pairing it with SolarSPELL’s offline Agricultural Digital Library, farmers will have access to relevant information regarding climate-smart agricultural interventions. This information can be contextually applied to increase crop yield, reduce farmer vulnerability, and mitigate climate impacts.

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