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In March 2022, working with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the SolarSPELL team led a virtual train-the-trainer training via Zoom for a cohort of 15 trainers in Ethiopia. Those trainers will take the 60 SolarSPELL units they received and distribute them to Gambella and Assosa refugee camp schools.

Our team covered content including: a history and overview of the SolarSPELL initiative; training on the digital library hardware and maintenance; how to connect to the digital library and explore the content; train-the-trainer responsibilities and how to utilize the Offline Training Course; and an overview of the Learning Through Play module created specifically for this project.

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Participants pose with their SolarSPELLL devices for a group photo at the Peace Corps Lesotho teacher training.Arizona State UniversityBlogEventsLesothoPeace CorpsSolar Digital LibrarySouthern AfricaTeacher TrainingTraining
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