The world is facing a shortage of millions of qualified healthcare professionals, especially in rural and hard-to-reach communities. The SolarSPELL Health Library can provide access to information and skill-building to support better healthcare systems in underserved communities globally.


Interviewees who report that the SolarSPELL Health Library helped them develop the skills needed to do their job more effectively

What's in our Health Library?

The library contains a full range of reference materials, including a medical encyclopedia, textbooks and instructional videos to support clinical rotations and patient care. 


Resources in the SolarSPELL Health Library

Three nurses and a doctor browse the SolarSPELL Health Library on their phones at a hospital in Malawi.

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Learning modules

Healthcare students, professors and clinicians can also access a series of learning modules to further advance their skills, including a searchable medical encyclopedia by MedLine Plus, interactive global health courses from WiRED International, and Hesperian Health’s community health guides. One of our most popular modules consists of videos designed and developed by Global Health Media to train health workers and populations in low-resource settings.

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