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SolarSPELL is a Solar Powered Educational Learning Library that provides relevant, localized educational content to resource-constrained locations around the world.
Our Mission

Our goal is to provide relevant, localized educational content to resource-constrained locations around the world.

Relevant, Localized Education

What is SolarSPELL?

SolarSPELL is a portable solar-powered digital library designed for resource-constrained locations. The SolarSPELL digital library provides locally-relevant open-access educational resources, served up over an offline WiFi hotspot–to which any WiFi-enabled device can connect. It mimics an online experience to build information literacy and technology skills in a safe, offline environment.

SolarSPELL is a student-centered project simultaneously focused on improving educational opportunities for students around the world, as well as at Arizona State University. Our team includes ASU students, librarians, faculty, and staff.

More About SolarSPELL
Digital Libraries in the Field 


Our model involves partnering with local, development-minded organizations in-field to sustainably offer continued support and training in implementation sites. We provide initial training on-site, in a train-the-trainer model, as well as ongoing support and longer term impact evaluation. Up to now, our primary in-field collaborators have been US Peace Corps volunteers, who are stationed at remote, rural schools and clinics for two years.

Currently, there are SolarSPELL digital libraries in eight countries across the Pacific Islands and East Africa.

Digital Libraries in the field

To date, SolarSPELL team members have carried out training with in-field implementation partners and deployed the first 200+ libraries- but that is just the first step. We intend to continue scaling to resource-constrained regions around the globe, ensuring limited resources never limit an individual’s opportunity to thrive!

Online Regional Digital Libraries


Today there are 272 SolarSPELL digital libraries in Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, the Federated States of Micronesia, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Comoros.


In the next year, we plan to expand to 320 SolarSPELL digital libraries including to new locations, such as Puerto Rico and Tonto Creek Camp in Arizona.

Current Deployments


Pacific Islands


Pacific Islands


Pacific Islands

South Sudan




Federated States of Micronesia

Pacific Islands

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