Core Team

Lead Contributors

Laura Hosman

Co-Founder and Director

Dr. Laura Hosman is Associate Professor at Arizona State University, holding a joint appointment in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and in The Polytechnic School. Her action-oriented work focuses on the role for new technologies in developing countries, particularly in education. Presently, she brings her passion for experiential learning to the classroom and beyond, through real-world-focused, project-based courses that bring students and student-built technology to the field for implementation.

Bruce Baikie

Co-Founder and Tech Advisor

Bruce Baikie is Senior Sustainability Fellow and Adjunct Faculty at Arizona State University. He has worked for many years as an ICT consultant working in developing regions on sustainable computing, wireless broadband networks, and capacity building through partnerships and local ICT entrepreneurs. He is leveraging his extensive experience in the energy and telecom industries, 3 years as Executive Director of Inveneo, and 17 years at Sun Microsystems as telecom industry expert, and background in engineering and implementing solar powered ICT4D projects. His areas of expertise include: wireless networking, eco-data centers, DC power, and solar power. Bruce has mentored the SolarSPELL student teams since 2015 and has traveled on all of the training and implementation trips.

Chloe Scott

Sustainable Implementation Lead

Chloe Scott graduated from Arizona State University in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Leadership and Management with a minor in Sustainability and a Certified Nonprofit Professional credential. Chloe first joined the SolarSPELL project as an undergraduate student in fall 2017 through a project-based course Dr. Hosman taught and then became a full-time intern during her final semester. Throughout this time, she supported impact evaluation in Vanuatu, as well as the pilot phase in Rwanda. Previously, Chloe has worked with various nonprofits around the world addressing a variety of global issues in areas such as program development, fundraising, marketing, strategic planning, and volunteer travel health and safety training. Through her previous experiences and working with SolarSPELL she has developed great enthusiasm to sustainably impact communities through empowering technologies and increasing access to quality education.

Sara Jordan

Library Information Specialist Lead

Sara Jordan is an Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts who is currently pursuing a master's degree in library and information science from the University of Washington. With her creative background and experience working in public libraries and collection management, she cares for SolarSPELL's metadata and library system - and strives for equitable, open access to information and bringing new ways to share the SPELL with communities around the world.

Key Contributors


  • Jude Schroder, Undergrad, Summer 2019 – Videographer
  • Tharun Kumar Viralam SreedarGrad, Summer 2019 – Metadata Specialist


  • Sai Cheekatimalla, Grad, Spring 2019 – Metadata Aide
  • Vasishta Harekal, Grad, Spring 2019 – Web Developer
  • Vignesh Mahesh, Grad, Spring 2019 – Electrical Circuit Designer


  • Alexandra Pippett, Undergrad, Summer 2019
  • Alma Varon, Undergrad, Summer 2019
  • Justyn Zeider, Undergrad, Summer 2019
  • Hailey Campbell, Undergrad, Summer 2019
  • Vanessa Villalobos, Undergrad, Summer 2019
  • Madisyn Goodballet, Undergrad, Summer 2019


  • Alexandra Pippett, Undergrad, Spring 2019
  • Jude Schroder, Undergrad, Spring 2019
  • Bailey De La Torre, Undergrad, Spring 2019
  • Erika Karner, Undergrad, Spring 2019
  • Brooke Nelson, Undergrad, Summer 2018, Fall 2018
  • Ryan Kirmis, Undergrad, Summer 2018
  • Kusum Ijari, Grad, Summer 2018

  • Ruth Oliver, Undergrad, Summer 2018
  • Ricardo Ornelas-Montes, Undergrad, Summer 2018
  • Jeremy Seidner, Undergrad, Summer 2018
  • Maddie Arnold, Undergrad, Summer 2018
  • Adriana Castillo, Undergrad, Summer 2018
  • Victor Ruiz-Aviles, Grad, Summer 2018
  • Vianca Rodriguez, Undergrad, Summer 2018
  • Chloe Scott, Undergrad, Spring 2018

Jordan Hairabedian

ASU – Sciences Po-Aix (France)

Exchange Student

Diana Truyol

Master Student at UC Berkeley



  • Amber Kanechika, Spring 2019
  • Jamie Muldrew, Spring 2019
  • Jaycee Nez, Spring 2019
  • Delaney Bucker, Fall 2018
  • Amber Kanechika, Fall 2018
  • Dante Roush, Fall 2018 
  • Madison Arnold, Spring 2018, Fall 2018 
  • Brittney Jansen, Spring 2018
  • Pam Coleman, Spring 2018
  • Miles Mabey, Spring 2018, Fall 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2016

  • Chloe Scott, Fall 2017
  • Nathaniel Shantz, Spring 2017
  • Bethany Theilen, Spring 2017
  • Matthew Boysen, Spring 2017
  • Amanda Taylor, Spring 2017
  • Alejandra Mayoral, Spring 2017
  • Brittany Blevins, Spring 2017
  • Briana Fornes, Spring 2017
  • James Larson, Spring 2017, Fall 2016
  • Tyrine Pangan, Spring 2017, Fall 2016
  • Paul Horton, Spring 2017, Fall 2016

Spring 2019 Software Engineering Grad Capstone (SolarSPELL Digital Library Rapid Prototype Tool)

  • Gopika Pai
  • Maitreyi Thakkar
  • Rishabh Modi
  • Sangeetha Swaminathan
  • Shubham Vyas
  • Aashita Priya

Spring 2019 Software Engineering Grad Capstone (SolarSPELL Application & Module Integration)

  • Binbin Yan
  • Pratik Bartakke
  • Supriya Ramaswamy lyer
  • Abhinab Mohanty
  • Mitali Kulkarni
  • Saurabh Prakash

Spring 2019 Thunderbird Capstone (MySolarPi)

  • Brenda Rubio-Sanchez
  • Isaac Miller
  • Kylee San Miguel
  • Nick Shively
  • Ka Peng Nicole Lei
  • Omar Alothiam
  • Ricardo (Ritchie) Reyes

2018-2019 Software Engineering Capstone (Undergrad) Digital Library Management System (DLMS) Team

  • Chase Marsh
  • Jesse Sabbath
  • Jacob Jonas
  • Bailey Garner

2018-2019 Software Engineering Capstone (Undergrad) SolarSENSE Team

  • Wesley Davis
  • Tresor Cyubahiro
  • Kevin Hale
  • Scott Watkins
  • James Ortner

Spring 2018 Master’s Capstone Software Engineering

  • Pradeep Kumar Rajasekaran
  • Dilip Raj Gajendran
  • Saranya Damodaran
  • Sai Aditya Bodavala

Emily Blau

Doctoral Nursing Student

Martin Perez Comisso

SFIS PhD Student 

Sarah Patterson

Biomedical Engineering Master’s Student

Mukunth Natarajan

Sustainability PhD Student

CJ Simpson

Doctoral Nursing Student

Kristen Linzy

Global Technology & Development Master’s Student

Ram Athreya

Software Engineering Master’s Student

Kari Christie

University Technology Office

Deirdre Kirmis

ASU Libraries

Dan Stanton

ASU Libraries

Lisa Kammerlocher

ASU Libraries