Solar Powered Educational Learning Library


SolarSPELL’s Advisory Board


Bruce Baikie

Bruce Baikie is an ICT consultant working in developing regions on sustainable computing, wireless broadband networks, and capacity building through partnerships and local ICT entrepreneurs. He is leveraging his extensive experience in the energy and telecom industries, 3 years as Executive Director of Inveneo, and 17 years at Sun Microsystems as telecom industry expert, and background in engineering and implementing solar powered ICT4D projects. His areas of expertise include: wireless networking, eco-data centers, DC power, and solar power. Bruce has mentored the SolarSPELL student teams since 2015 and has traveled on all of the training and implementation trips.


Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson is Associate Dean of the Barrett Honors College and President’s Professor of Engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU’s Polytechnic campus.  He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Purdue University.  His areas of interest include human-centered design (especially for the developing world), global teaming, geometric modeling and design thinking. He is a co-founder of InnovationSpace, a transdisciplinary curriculum that teaches students how to develop products that create market value while serving real societal needs and minimizing impacts on the environment. Henderson is also a co-founder of GlobalResolve, a social entrepreneurship program designed to provide student opportunities by involving them in world-wide technological entrepreneurship projects that directly improve the lives of underprivileged people, especially those in developing countries.



Content Advisors


Kevin Pardon


Kevin Pardon is a Health Sciences librarian at Arizona State University where he serves as a liaison to the faculty, students, and staff at ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation and College of Health Solutions.  As part of the SolarSPELL team Kevin assists in updating and adding health related content to the SolarSPELL library.




Pacific Islands


Ruth Toumu’a


Dr. Ruth Toumu’a is a Fellow at the Institute of Education at the University of the South Pacific’s. Located at the Tonga Campus, the Institute of Education provides educational research, education policy and consultancy, professional development and learning, and publications to support literacy development within USP’s 12 Pacific member nations. Ruth is actively involved in the development of culturally and linguistically relevant children’s books with a view to their storage as eBooks in SolarSPELL’s library and use to support literacy and language development at the primary school level in Tonga and the wider Pacific.




University of the South Pacific: 

Ian Thomson

Ian is the Senior e-Learning Fellow at the University of the South Pacific and manages the Teachers Education Resources and e-Learning Centre (TEREC). He provides strategic, policy and practical advice to Pacific Island Ministries of Education on improving education with ICTs.






Student Specialists

Student Manager:

Brittany Blevins

Brittany Blevins is a mechanical engineering student at Arizona State University, with a focus on sustainability and humanitarian engineering. She has worked on and lead projects in several underdeveloped communities emphasizing alternative energy and sustainable development. Brittany joined the SolarSPELL team in January of 2017, as a part of the hardware team, and traveled to Vanuatu for implementation.






Student Interns:


Amalia Baikie

Amalia Baikie is a summer intern on the SolarSPELL team, and has become a meta-data expert. Her work has focused on tagging (labeling, describing, and assigning terms to) the library’s content, so that, in the future, it can be searched. She traveled with the SolarSPELL team to the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau in 2017.